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Dealing with Bruxism (Grinding)

your dentist can help!

Bruxism is a disorder where the patient, and often without knowing, clamps and /or grinds their upper and lower teeth together. Bruxism can occur during both the day and the night.


The cause of bruxism is still unknown. There are however some aggravating predisposing factors that exacerbate the situation, even if they are not the cause. They are:

  • stress and emotional stress
  • lack of sleep
  • poor dental occlusion (jaw closing alignment)
  • blows to the face
  • some medications
  • possible genetic predisposition
  • some conditions (e.g. arthritis)

Clamping the teeth can have as a result the overload of the entire mouth -jaw system and more particularly the teeth, the chewing muscles and the temporomandibular joint.
The symptoms patients show are:

  • chipped teeth and increased mobility of teeth with peridontisis
  • limited movemnet in the lower jaw
  • the feeling of tiredness in the face muscles (espcially in the morning)
  • headaches, migraines, face pain
  • sounds coming from the temporomandibular joint when moving the lower jaw
  • earache

Unfortunately many patients are unaware that they are suffering from bruxism, and believe that the symptoms are the result of something else and without a correct diagnosis they are unable to find a solution.

Dealing with Bruxism:

At the VSmile dental clinic we can help diagnose bruxism and help to effectively minimise the symptoms. This is done using a special intraoral guard on the upper teeth and using physiotherapy exercises for the lower jaw.

ναρθηκα για βρυγμου

The relief for the patient is substantial:

  • Headaches, general pain in the face, and migraines are gradually and effectively reduced
  • The noises (grinding, cracking) on the lower jaw are reduced
  • Movement of the lower jaw becomes more effortless during speech and chewing
  • The lower teeth remain healthy, without wear and without increased movement
  • The patient's sleep is more relaxing and more beneficial

The effectiveness of the treatment is not obvious from the first day, but becomes gradually better over time with the constant use of the mouthguard every night during sleep and daily physiotherapy exercises. The treatment program can last from a few weeks up to six months depending on the sobarity of the case. 

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