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Food & Oral Hygiene

protecting your children's and your teeth!

The dentist & orthodontist at VSmile Piraeus talk to you regarding any eating habits that may affects the health of your teeth and gums and suggest ways to improve your dietary habits to help.

Your dietary habits are very important, as depending upon this you can either improve or destroy the health of your teeth and gums. A change in eating habits is particularly important for children so they can maintain a good state of health during their childhood and on into their adult life.

At our dental clinic we give specialized advice to patients at high risk for tooth decay such as special needs patients, athletes, oncology patients, patients taking a specific family of pharmaceuticals, and any patients suffering from dry mouth.


sugary foods

1. Don't eat food that contain sugar in a short time period. For the formation fo plaque that ruins teeth, it's not the amount of sugar we eat, but how often we eat it. For example, it is better to eat two ice-creams one after the other, rather than with one hour between them.

an apple a day

2.We can replace various snacks with fruits and vegetables, which apart from our oral hygiene, helps generally with our health. Apples clean the teeth in a natural way and also gives the gums a massage. Brocooli creates a natural barrier for the teeth, and also has a high level of calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C. Tomatoes contain lycopene which helps protect against cancer of the mouth, spinach is rich in magnesio that helps with healthy gums!

chios mastixa

3. Give your gums a daily workout! don't avoid eating hard foods, only sharp ones that can cause damage. Chew sugarless gum at least 10 minutes a day, prefer mastixa chios, for it's beneficial properties. Mastixa Chios helps reduce plaque, reduces dry mouth and massages the gums and increases the blood flow in them. The essential oils in the mastixa helps with bad breath,and helps maintain the peridontal tissues. Also the work-out that occurs whilst chewing the gum helps use the supporting tissues on the face and so it is like a natural way to have a face lift!

dry mouth

4. Increase the amount of water you drink, it helps clean the teeth, it wakens the salive glands and helps reduce dry mouth that has damaging consequences. Reduce the amount of fizzy drinks and packaged juices that can cause tooth decay and tooth erosion. Remember: the acids in fizzy drinks are stronger that the acid in a car battery!

drinking with straws

5. Reduce the amount of time that sugar comes into contact with the teeth. If you are drinking a cold sugary drink it is best to do so with a straw and then wash off the teeth with plenty of water.

σοκολατα και δοντια

6. If you consume chocolate or sticky foods (e.g. gooey cereal) that stick on the teeth, wash your teeth with water immediately. The acids in the food temporarily soften the enamel, and coming into contact with a toothbrush degrades its, so it is best to wait at least half an hour after consuming such food before brushing your teeth.

red wine helps tooth decay

7. Drink a glass of red wine per day! Research has shown that the antioxidants in red wine, help to prevent and treat peridontal disease. From non-alcoholic drink, the best option is green tea, aside of it's antioxidant properties it also contains more than 5 anitmicrobial qualities that help prevent and treat tooth decay and peridontal disease.

hidden sugar

8. reduce your consumption of sugar by reading the ingredients in the products you buy. Sugar is a hidden ingredient in most processed foods, even those that you wouldn't think of. If a label says 'no added sugar', it menas that no extra sugar was added during the processing of the food, not that the food doesn't already have sugar in it.

hard food teeth

9. Protect yourself from any potential complications of an extraction or micro surgury int he mouth cavity. For the first days after the surgery avoid: hard and spicy foods, nuts, sesame and food with bones. Prefer cold and soft food, like yoghurt, ice-cream, lentils and beans etc.


10. Don't reward your children's efforts with sweets and don't put honey or sugar on a dummy/pacifier. A hug, a kiss or a game is a much healthier option!


  • Tooth destruction is not from problematic teeth, but from the lack of attention we give them!
  • We don't inherit damaged teeth, but bad habits from our parents


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