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Complete oral care for smokers, improves not only oral hygiene but in general the patient's health. The dentist at the VSmile dental clinic in Piraeus there is a complete program for oral hygiene, with specific emphasis on preventative measures, that includes:

  • INFORMATION: our patients are told about the various problems that can occur inside the mouth cavity of smokers, and learn how to do a self examination every month. During the examination they will be able to recognise any symptoms or damage that should be reported to the dentist.
  • INDIVIDUAL ORAL HYGIENE PROGRAMME: to suit the age, needs and specific problems of smokers and includes a process of correct inerdental cleaning and the correct choice of accessories to help with correct cleaning ( choice of toothbrush, floss, mouthwash etc)
  • PREVENTION FROM PERIODONTAL DISEASES: the regular check-ups help us check for periodontal diseases, in a cordance with the time period set by the dentist for each individual patient's needs, preventative measures are taken such as cleaning and further instructions.
  • PERIODONTISIS & CURES: we use both simple and surgical methods, depending on the seriousness of the situation and the extent to which the smoker has peridontisis.
  • TOOTH DECAY PREVENTION: this is achieved by the use of flouride after brushing, by taking advantage of the anti-tooth decay action of the flouride, helping control dry mouth that can be caused by smoking that has saliva substitutes and dietary advice with the aim of reducing sugar.
  • TOOTH DECAY TREATMENT: is achieved by recognising and dealing with the beginnings of tooth decay using the ICON method (fillings without drilling) and filling any teeth that have substained decay with white fillings
  • REFERAL TO STOMATOLOGIST: for further investigation of anything that needs removal and biopsy.

The most important step in succeeding with an oral hygiene program, is for the smoker to understand that the worth of the program will show overtime and most of the consequences of smoking show over a long period of time.



you can get rid of a habit ...  if you change it for a new one!


smoking & teeth

Our daily contact with the problems that smoking can cause for all ages from whatever time the smoker starts, makes us sensitive to the children that are already smoking, so that we can preserve and immediately reinforce thier oral hygiene and help their long-term health.

At our dental clinic, children are approached with subtlety and carefully as the teenage years are characterized by many types of psychological and emotional behaviour and outbursts.

With a clear and determined way, we can explain to the teenager that they have not come to the dentist to be judged in their choice to be smokers, but to inform them and help them have a beautiful healthy smile, strong teeth and nice breath, things that not only help with their general health but that also raise thier self esteem in socail relationships, especially those with the opposite sex.

We leave the parents in the waiting room, and we inform the patients of all the possible oral issues that can occur due to smoking, alongside other dangerous behaviour that teenagers may participate in, for example drinking alcohol, damaging dietary habits, and un-safe sexual behaviour. We gain the trust of the teenagers and give them to ask any questions they may be embarrassed or frightened to ask their parents about, or that they may not have all the information to give a complete answer. The patient will soon see that we are ont he same side with regard to oral hygiene, and that they can trust us and at any time feel free to ask us any questions they need at any time.

Other than the children, we also believe that parents who are smokers need to be sensitive to the influence they have on their children as their role models and the affect this has on the potential for the children to also become dependent on cigarettes.

Contact the VSmile dentist for more details about smoking and it's affects on oral health and for you adn your children.


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