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What are implants?

Implants are a cylindrical construction that is placed directly into the jaw bone to replace the root of a missing tooth.

tooth implant

The implant within a short period of time, 6-8 weeks, becomes 'one' with the bone, as in the bone encases the implant.

Once this has occured the implant is used as the support for the replacement tooth either caps, bridges or dentures.

Using this method we can obtain a perfect cosmetic look, without effecting speech or the ability to chew even if one or more teeth are missing.

How safe are implants?

The implants are completely safe and biocompatible, as they are made from titanium that has been studied and used in medicine for more than 50 years. 

The VSmile dental clinic uses implants from reliable companies that are known for the quality assurance. 

bego implants straumann implants

BEGO Implants


What are the advantages of implants?

implants vs bridge

    The main advantages of impants are numerous and characterize dentistry of the future:

  • they are perfect cosmetically and do not affect speech and chewing
  • they aid in keeping the external look of the face the same as there is no reduction in bone or gums  
  • during the placement process no filing down of neighbouring teeth is needed
  • the process is basically atraumatic and with the suitable medication, bothers less that that of an extraction  
  • it allows the construction of permanent prosthetics, as in the false teeth do not need to be removed from the mouth
  • although at first they seems expensive, they are the most economic solution, if you think that whilst maintaining good oral hygiene and interdontal care, they last longer than any other prosthetic work.

Can everyone have implants?   

anyone over 18 years of age can have implant, as this is the age when the jaw matures, providing they fit the following criteria:     

  • that the bone is healthy and has enough height, width and density
  • there is no gingivitis or periodontitis
  • good oral hygiene has been maintained
  • there are no medical issues such as : uncontrolled diabetes, hyperparathyroidism, immune deficiency illnesses, reduced healing capcity etc.

The decisionas to whether implants should be placed or not depends on an xray check (panoramic and a CT of the jaw). Other additional tests may e required such as a bone density test, general blood test etc.


How long do implants last in the mouth?

The lifespan of the implants depends mainly on the patient. Good oral hygiene, limiting smoking, regular check-ups with the dentist for cleaning, all of the following mean that implants can last up to 30 years.

How do implants effect our psychology?

The replacement of lost teeth with implants, helps with breathing, helps with better chewing and speech and helps with the harmonious look of the face. All of this helps with the mental health of the patient and improves their confidence. Research has shown that people with permanent tooth replacements eat beeter, are more social and display a more balanced emotional state of help!

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Stamataki Vassiliki, DDS / Dental Surgeon Piraeus Dentistry Association
Kountouriotou 149-151, Peiraias Centre Dimotiko Theatro / 2104120029 / stamataki@vsmile.gr

Cosmetic, Reconstructive & Athletic Dental Surgeon - Smile Design / Implants
Pain Management / Preventative Care for adults, children, the disabled, the pregnant, athletes 
Remote Dentistry / Dental Services for all areas of Piraeus, Attica, villages, islands, overseas

Stamataki Vassiliki, DDS / dental clinic / vsmile / Greece




Dental Surgeon Cosmetic, Corrective and Athletic Dentistry



TEL: 210 4120029

email: stamataki@vsmile.gr


Professional License Number :
Υ.14402 (11 / 06 /1999)

OSP Registration Number : 1981


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