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VSmile Dentist Piraeus: SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY

Dental Unit

dentist chairThe VSmile dental clinic has a dental unit made by the German company Kavo, that is known for it's reliability in the area of high quality dental technology on a global level. Effectiveness, speed, hygiene, comfort and ergonomic, that our patients will undoubtably appreciate.

All of the functions of the unit are controlled by a foot lever, so that the dentist does not come in contact with the sterilized surfaces during the appointment. The Kavo unit has two exemplary disinfection systems, that ensures that there is perfect disinfection of the tools and pipes leading to them.

The tools, dental sunction tubes, and all of the cutting tools detach from the unit and are cleaned int eh sterilizer to make sure that the microbial environment is in check.

A computer screen has been attached to the unit, so you can see the image from the digital x-ray and the intraoral camera, so that the patient can see the state of their teeth adn the dentist can immediately retrieve the information needed.  

The ESTETICA model is beautifully designed, so that the patient can relax and enjoy a pleasant visit to the dentist.

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electric equipmentThe VSmile dentist uses electric tools from the German company Kavo, a globally reknown company in dental technology.

The electric high-speed tools are powered by a motor that has more torque and precision that the traditional air tools, meaning the dental work is of higher quality and the time the patient is in the chair is reduced.

The tools are designed with a cornered head so that the dentist can have access to the hardest to reach areas, and contain a LED light that allows visibility even in the darkest corner of the mouth.

The frequency at which the tools work makes them virtually inaudible, making it more comfortable for the patient undergoing treatment.. 

All of the tools and cutting heads can be removed from the dental unit and are sterilized in the autoclave to ensure perfect hygiene for our patients.


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dental sterilizingAt the VSmile dental clinic we have a separate area for sterilizing, where strict protocols are adhered to for the preparation of tools, in accordance to international standards.

All of the tools are cleaned in an ultrasonic bath and then placed into sterilizaed packets.

The tools are then placed in the specialised high-technology autoclave that successfully completes the sterilization of the tools, allowing complete hygiene for our patients. 


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Digital X-rays   

digital xraysAt the VSmile dental clinic we have an intraoral digital camera with CCD sensors, that produces high quality digital x-rays whilst exposing the patients to the least amount of radiation possible, 80-90% less than usual x-rays.

The x-rays are shown on the computer screen in a fraction of a second, without any delay at all, unlike the classic type x-rays.

From the digital x-rays we can collect important information regarding the state of the teeth and jaws, and as such we can see whatever we are able to with a simple clinical exam, that makes a complete and accurate diagnosis.

Using visualix we are able to process the image, and can simulate a 3D image that cna be used to take measurements, which lowers the timeframe needed to work, and increase the quality of treatment.

The x-rays are available immediately and can be sent by e-mail to our patient's insurance companies.

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Electric Pressure Equipment

electric pressure equipmentAt the VSmile dental clinic we used electric pressure equipment so that we can achieve ideal dental therapies that are painless and atraumatic way.

The electric pressue technology is supported by a system that creates ultrasonic vibrations and jets, which unlike the cutting tools, provides perfect precisions, without injuring the soft tissue in the mouth cavity.

The ultrasonic system is useful for periodontisis, endodontics and surgery. 

The cleaning of subgingival and supergingival areas of the implants is particularly important, and also searching for the thin rootcancal during endondontic treatment, and mainly the spftest handling of soft tissue during the surgical process.

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Digital Apex Finder

digital finderThe process of endodontic treatment involves the measuring of the lenght of the tooth's root tube. 

This measuring that used to be accomplished with an x-ray cna now be done using the digital apex finder. 

At the VSmile dental clinic in Pireaus we have a high-precision apex finder that can immediately tell us the lenght of the root tube, without exposing the patient to radiation. Something that is very important especially if we are talking about an expectant mother or children.

With the exact measurements we greatly reduce the chance of perforating the tooth and allows us to to perfectly seal the root tube, to achieve a perfect endodontic treatment.


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Intraoral Camera

intraoral cameraThe intraoral camera is a device about the size and the shape of a pen, that gives us images and video from inside the mouth cavity, which are then shown on the computer screen.

Expanding the size of the image allows us to see hard to reach areas clearly, so that we can see any potential damage, cracks or decay, that are usually located of the upper surfaces of the rear teeth.

It is particularly important that the photos from inside of the mouth allow the patient to understand what is going on, and what will occur int he mouth cavity.

At the VSmile dental surgery we have a high definition camera with the ability to freeze the image, and automatic saving of the image to a computer, this includes the updating of the patient and helps in the building of trust between us.

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Dentist piraeus

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Stamataki Vassiliki, DDS / Dental Surgeon Piraeus Dentistry Association
Kountouriotou 149-151, Peiraias Centre Dimotiko Theatro / 2104120029 / stamataki@vsmile.gr

Cosmetic, Reconstructive & Athletic Dental Surgeon - Smile Design / Implants
Pain Management / Preventative Care for adults, children, the disabled, the pregnant, athletes 
Remote Dentistry / Dental Services for all areas of Piraeus, Attica, villages, islands, overseas

Stamataki Vassiliki, DDS / dental clinic / vsmile / Greece




Dental Surgeon Cosmetic, Corrective and Athletic Dentistry



TEL: 210 4120029

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Υ.14402 (11 / 06 /1999)

OSP Registration Number : 1981


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