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Athletic Protective Mouthguards


    Contributing to the athlete's wellness!

sport dentistry hellas by V. Stamataki VSmile Piraeus, Dentist
 member of the Sport Dentistry Hellas / Scienfitic Company of Athletic Dentistry

Athletic Dentistry looks at prevention, diagnosis and therapy for injuries and pathologic conditions around the mouth and face area, that are connected to athleticism and exercise.

At the Piraeus VSmile dental clinic, we look at the athlete as a whole to establish what is directly or indirectly connected to their oral health. All details are recorded and a therapeutical plan is established that is individually tailoured to the athlete with regard to their needs, age, and the specific needs of the sport.

A complete look at the oral health or the patient assists in the wellbeing of the athlete, as issues with oral hygiene can effect the overall health of the patient, directly effecting the physical health, ability and psychology.

The main part for the preventative measures and the restoration of oral health, is to look at the general health of the patient, stress, mediciations and eating habits. This is why we speak both with the doctors and the coaches of the patients where neessary.

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accidents during sport activities

Problems that the Piraeus VSmile dental surgery deal with:
  • Corrosion - Caries: these are made worst by reduced salivation (see dry mouth), due to the athletic activity, due to frequent vomiting to loose weight quickly and frequent drinking of energy drinks that are carbonated and rich in carbohydrates
  • Peridontitis: as with gum disease, peridontitis is immediately connected with oral health and the stress put on athletes, this can progress to produce problems such as tooth loss or difficulty chewing
  • Orthodontic Problemssuch as extended jaw or set-back teeth, this can increase the risk or fractures to teeth and jaws and general injuries to the face
  • Snoring - Sleep Apnea: give you a sense of tiredness, breathing difficulties and cardiac problems
  • Bruxism: can cause headaches, migraines, earache, pain in the temporomandibular area and possible decay and movement in the teeth.
  • Acute Inflammation: such as abscesses and pericoronitis, that cause pain, fever, difficulties, problems with sleep and difficulty chewing
  • Mergency Situations: such as fractures, or displacement or loss of teeth or gum injuries.

Our main aim is the prevention and protection of the athlete, so for this reason you need to inform your dentist regarding any oral health issues you have, and we in turn will not only talk to the athlete, but the coach, parents and quite often sport authorities.

Book an appointment with a Piraeus VSmile dentist for more information on athletic denistry, and the use of sport mouthguards 

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Stamataki Vassiliki, DDS / Dental Surgeon Piraeus Dentistry Association
Kountouriotou 149-151, Peiraias Centre Dimotiko Theatro / 2104120029 / stamataki@vsmile.gr

Cosmetic, Reconstructive & Athletic Dental Surgeon - Smile Design / Implants
Pain Management / Preventative Care for adults, children, the disabled, the pregnant, athletes 
Remote Dentistry / Dental Services for all areas of Piraeus, Attica, villages, islands, overseas

Stamataki Vassiliki, DDS / dental clinic / vsmile / Greece




Dental Surgeon Cosmetic, Corrective and Athletic Dentistry



TEL: 210 4120029

email: stamataki@vsmile.gr


Professional License Number :
Υ.14402 (11 / 06 /1999)

OSP Registration Number : 1981


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