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Keep your smile healthy!

At the VSmile dental clinic in Priaeus, the dentist and orthodontist have created a personal oral hygiene program, that is determined by the age, needs and special requirements of each patient.

Apart from this though, the below guidelines are general tips that apply to everyone. These guideleines have been prepared by the American Dental Association in simple terms that cover all safety criteria and have been proved to be affective measures.

We do, however, emphasize that for young children or special needs patients that are unable to take care of their own oral hygiene, we will take the time to teach the parents of caregivers how to help them to maintain oral hygiene on a daily basis. 

General guidelines for oral hygiene for everyone:
teeth brushing

Brush your teeth and implants every morning and evening after meals, using a soft or medium toothbrush so as not to injure gums, and choose a small head os that you can get to the hard to reach places. Keep your toothbrush in a closed place and change it every 2 to 3 months, or sooner if the hairs are worn or damaged. To clean newborn gums and first teeth, use a damp gauze, or ahand glove, they can be found at the pharmacy.

toothpaste best

Choose a toothpaste that contain fluoride and use a small amount everytime you clean your teeth. For children the amount should be smaller than the size of a pea. Make sure you do not swallow it!

coorect brushing

Place the toothbrush at a 45° angle to the gum and make small movement, initially up back and forth and then from the gum to the tongue. Carefully brush the external, internal and chewing surfaces of all of the teeth. Don't forget to brush the back surfaces of the last teeth.

tongue cleaning

Tongue Cleaning with a special tongue cleaner or even your toothbrush, every time you clean your teeth.


Clean inbetween the teeth at least once a day with dental floss, and intradental brush, a flosser with a handle or a toothpick, taking care not to damage gums. Ask your dentist which is the best method for you.


If you have been advised to use mouthwash, varnish or gel, take care not to wash it off, don't eat or drink anything for the time period stated on the packaging of the product you are using.

IMPORTANT!!:Any dental products you buy should have a health and safety approval on them.



Daily care for dentures:

  • Don't leave dentures whilst sleeping, espcially overnight. The tissues on which the dentures are placed are under a lot of pressure and need time to 'rest'
  • The dentures need to be cleaned regularly with a toothpate and toothbrush every mornign and night. when they are out of the mouth then should be kept in water. For the best cleaning, you can leave the dentures in water overnight with a special cleaning tablet that is available from the pharmacy.


  • The destruction of teeth is not due to theri bad construction, but the lack of attention we give them!
  • We don't inherit bad teeth, just bad habits from our parents

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Stamataki Vassiliki, DDS / Dental Surgeon Piraeus Dentistry Association
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Cosmetic, Reconstructive & Athletic Dental Surgeon - Smile Design / Implants
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Stamataki Vassiliki, DDS / dental clinic / vsmile / Greece


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