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Pediatric Dentistry / Oral Hygiene Guidelines

... for the children's smiles:

The dentist and orthodontist at VSmile Piraeus dental clinic recommend the following guidelines that are prepared with simplified terminology from the American Dental Association (ADA) and cover all the criteria regarding safety and effectiveness.

For children of a young age of people with special needs that have difficulty keeping up their own oral hygiene, the parents/carers are shown how to make this part of the daily routine.

child toothbrushes

Children should brush their teeth every morning and night after meals. The toothbrush must be soft or medium so that the gums are not damaged, the toothbrush should also have a small head so that they can get to hard to reach areas. Toothbrushes should be changed every 2-3 months or even sooner if the bristles are damaged.

For babies you can use a wet gauze or a glove towel (available at pharmacies) to clean the gums and the first teeth. 

how much toothpaste

Choose a toothpaste that contains fluoride. This not only helps fight against caries but also removes dental plaque that leads to gum disease. Children under 3 should use toothpaste with 250-500 ppmF, 2 years to 8 years 1000 ppmF and from 7 years upwards 1450-1500ppmF. The amount of toothpaste should be no bigger than the size of a pea, and up to the age of six parents should be present during teeth rushing to ensure that the children are not consuming large amounts of fluoride toothpaste, is this case small white spots appear on the teeth (tooth fluorosis).

how to brush teeth

toothbrushing should be done with small local movement, first back and forth and then after gums to tongue on all the teeth' s surfaces.

how to clean tongue

the tongue should be cleaned using a specail tongue cleaner or even a toothbrush every time the child brushes their teeth. Toothpaste should not used to clean the tongue as it is easy to swallow it. 

how to floss

Cleaning the gaps inbetween teeth, is not easy for small children. From 8 upwards it should e done at least once a day, using dental floss or an intraoral brush, but ensuring that the gum is not damaged. Talk with your dentist to see which is the best method for your child. Children should not use toothpicks, there is a danger of injury or swallowing.

children mouthwash

Children should use mouthwash, only if it is recommended by the dentist. Mouthwash is suggested to children over 8 yeras old who have a predeposition for caries. If the child has been advised to use mouthwash makes sure they do not swallow it, and to respect the guidelines on the packaging.

Contact the VSmile dental clinic:

  • to create an individually tailoured program of oral hygiene based on the needs of your child    
  • so we can give you some ideas to make oral hygiene fun for you child!

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