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Innocent & Dangerous Symptoms

The mouth cavity is the first place that comes in contact with the harmful substances that are created whilst smoking a cigarette. Nicotine and products containing nicotine change the resistance of tissue to microbes, whilst increasing that temperature inside the mouth. It also reduces the amount of saliva in the mouth, and as such allows the increase of bacterial movement. The result of all of this is damage to the oral health, some are innocent problems others are more serious to the point that they may put the life of the smoker in danger..


  • Teeth discolourisation: the teeth have brownish yellow spots and are darken than they initially were. This discolourisation can be reversed with the help of air polishing and whitening.
  • Mucus pigmentation: this can usually be seen in the mucus around the gums, and more often in women. This is greatly reduced or disappears completely once the patient stops smoking.
  • Bad breath / halitosis: can be caused or worsened with the substances inhaled during smoking, and will improve once the patient stops smoking..


  • Heat burns: small burns that occur due to heat and usually are in the mouth palate. They disappear once the patients stops smoking. 
  • Nicotinic stomatosis: will show as small red spots that have a white covering most likely in the palate, and are caused by the inflammation caused by the smoke inside the tiny saliva glands. They will disappear 1-2 months after the patient stops smoking.


  • Peridontisis: smoking is directly related to the sobarity, increase and relapse of peridontisi, that invades the tissue that holds teeth in place. Peridontisis can result in the movement of teeth and in the worse case tooth extraction. Smokers needs to be alert to the following symptoms, lack of redness, bleeding or swelling of the gums, which makes it particularly difficult to diagnose the problem in time and go to the dentist. Smokers are subject to more serious peridontal disease, and a reduction in the effectiveness of the treatment and a larger likelihood of reoccurence in comparison to non-smokers. Research has shown that if the patient stops smoking before peridontisis therapy commences, then the recovery of the tissue is as effective as the cases of non smokers.
  • Implant inflammation: the long term effects of smoking on the mouth's tissue, effects the body's defence system and the healing process around the implants, as a result during the implantation process there is swelling and intolerance. The most important problem though is the increase in inflammation which can lead to the loss of the implant. If the patient stops smoking immediately before the placement of implants and looks after them correctly, the lifespan of the implants increases and can match that of implants placed in non-smokers.
  • Tooth decay: smoking doesn't directly create tooth decay, but indirectly it reduces saliva which can lead to dry mouth and as such increases the chance of tooth decay. The danger of tooth decay increases in those who chew tobacco, as they often contain small amounts of sugar that is the amin cause of tooth decay.


Smoking has a close causal relationship to the appearance of pre-cancer and cancerous damage in the mouth area. In accordance wit the American Anti-Cancer Company 90% of the patients with these problems had use tabacco in some form during their lives.
Smokers are 10-15 times more at risk of having cancer in comparison to non-smokers, and these statistics are tripled if the smoker combines this with alcohol use.
It's also worth noting that 6% of patients that are admited and continue to smoke with have a reoocurence somewhere else (mouth cavity, throat, larynx, lungs).
In accordance with some recent studies it is believed that smokign works together with the human papilloma virus (HPV) to cause mouth cancer. HPV is transferred to the mouth during oral-genital contact and those most affected are 16 and 18.

  • Pre-cancer damage: this is damage that is likely to develop into cancer. Leukoplakia is the most common of these. This is a white surface of the mouth's mucus that is usually seen in the buccal cavity. This is even more dangerous if it is combined with erythoplakia (red plaque). Stopping smoking permently will lead to an improvement in the situation and even complete disappearance of symptoms in over 50% of patients. A reduction in smoking leads to a very small recovery rate of less than 3%. Any pre-cancer symptoms that go undiagnosed or are not diagosed early enough will usually lead to cancer.
  • Cancer damage: are cause by pre-cancer sources that transform or damage that appears directly in healthy tissue in the form of a wound, lump or wart. For a long time is it possible that there are no symptoms, meaning the patient may not realise in time. Symptoms mainly show on the tongue, the cheeks and the bottom of the mouth, and occasionally on the gums. Stopping smoking for over 5 years reduces the danger of cancer developing up to 30%, and over 10 years without smoking reduces the chances by 50%.


The complete oral hygiene program must include information, prevention and therapy. The success of the program depends mainly on the actions of the smoker and how well they follow the suggestions of the dentist.
Learn more about the oral hygiene program that is available at VSmile Piraeus dental clinic.


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