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WISDOM TEETH: our well known...  "strangers"!

Wisdom teeth, or otherwise third molars, are the last teeth that appear in the oral cavity and for many of us is a painful experience!

How did they get the nickname  "wisdom teeth"?

The age at which the third molars appear are the reason they are more widely known as wisdom teeth. After turning 18 years old we are officially adults, we mature, we become wiser and we leave behind the diffcult teenage years!

Does all people have wisdom teeth?

Most people have four wisdom teeth, one in each quadrant of the oral cavity. Some poeple, however, only have 3 or 2 or 1 or even none at all! In accordance with the theory of evolution, the wisdom teeth are now useless and as such have started disappearing from the human mouth and at some point they probably wont exist at all.

Can you always see wisdom teeth?

No! Quite often due to a lack of space in the mouth, an bizarre incline of the tooth or the sheer size of the wisdom doesn't allow it to come out from the gum. As such sometimes you can only see a small part of the tooth, and the rest of the tooth stays hidden inside the mouth, sometime none of the tooth shows through and remains entirely inside the gum. In the second case the patient is often surprised when after having a panoramic x-ray they discover they have hidden wisdom teeth!

Why do wisdom teeth cause problems?

The natural position that the wisdom teeth have in the mouth is an area that easily traps food but is difficult to clean. As a result numerous bacteria collect around the tooth and cause inflammation of the gums and tooth decay. The gum inflammation is known as pericoronitis and is characterized by inflammation, pain, redness and swelling in the gum and cheek areas, this causes problems with opening the mouth and often leads to bad breath. Tooth decay occurs in the tooth's cavity, which as it progresses can cause pain and leads to further trapping of food and this goes on with catastrophic effects on the tissue. the tooth decay can also then expand to adjacent teeth in a type of domino affect. 

What other problems can be caused?

Partially impacted (hidden) or impacted teeth can cause various problems as they try to find their way out, they push and press on surrounding teeth. The result of this continuing pressure is the absorption of the adjacent root, that, if left un-treated, can result in the need for orthodontic therapy.

wisdom teeth

Do wisdom teeth always need to removed?

If the wisdom teeth are comfortably in the mouth and are not causing any problems there is no need to remove them. If the case of any complications or pain, they must be removed.

Is wisdom tooth removal difficult?

Before removing wisdom teeth, an x-ray is always done so that the dentist has a complete overview of the situation. Under special circumstances where the position is particulary difficult the dentist works together with a jaw surgeon from the VSmile dental team. For most, however, the surgery is done with a local anesthetic and it is painless, fast and has limited post-surgical irritations.


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