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10 Strange Stories about Teeth & Dentistry!

Source:  www.odvima.gr   

From tooth fairies to the "Magic Mouse" that takes the milk teeth, to the street barbers and the beliefs that worms eat through the teeth and cause toothpain, it seems that oral health has lived through various adventures over the centuries until it found the proper way to be handled by professionals.In the folllowing article you have the chance to read a few of those strange stories that make the world of dentistry so exciting!

unique teeth

1. Our teeth are unique, just like our fingerprint!    

Even two identical twins don't have the same teeth, as our dental print is unique, and cannot be found on anyone else. Human tongue also have unqiue prints!

wisdom teeth

2. Future generations could be born without wisdom teeth!   

Wisodm teeth cause a lot of problems for many people. As such as generations go by it seems that wisdom teeth are starting to disappear. In reality 5% of people born nowadays are born without wisdom teeth, and more are born with only one, two or three. When something is usless evolution slowly eliminates it, meaning future generations may be born without any wisdom teeth at all.

synthetic teeth

3. Synthetic teeth...  from urine!   

Researcher sin China, are attempting to make synthetic teeth using stem cells that they have taken from human urine. As these type of experiments cannot take place with humans, they are trying to grow the teeth inside mouse mouths. The results showed that after several weeks new microscopic teeth started to grow which contained dentin and enamel etc., the only downside being that they are not as hard as normal teeth.

Scientists are skeptical because urine is one of the worst sources for stem cells as there is a large chance of infection by bacteria in relation to other stem cell sources.

toilet toothbrush

4. Germs from the toilet on your toothbrush!

In accordance to a study in 2011, a toothbrush is in third place on the list of the dirtiest places in the house.

The theroy being that the sink is usually located close to the toilet, meaning that when we flush the toilet small droplets full of germs go flying towards the exposed toothbrush. As such toothbrushes should be kept in a closed area.

barber dentist

 5. Barber dentist!

Long before dental science began and professionals with proper knowledge and skills were licensed, it was barbers that took on the job of covering dental work amongst the population.

It's like saying... a free extraction with your haircut!

teeth jewellery

6. Tooth jewellery!  

Decorating teeth with strass and jewels in varying designs, that is in fashion nowadays, seems to have it's roots back in the Mayan times. Over 2,500 years ago the Mayans had already developed a high level of understanding regarding dental science, and they believed that a clean tooth was not enough. So the dentists of the day used various tools to etch into the teeth and create small cavities that they then decorated with various precious stones!

milk teeth

7. Not everyone loses their milk teeth!    

The first milk teeth normal start falling out between the ages of 6 to 12 years. There are, however, cases where a permanent tooth is not developed properly or is completely missing. Modern dentistry has solutions for both cases!

perez the tooth fairy

8. Perez, the fairies.. and the first teeth!

In many parts of the world the children grow up with stories of "Tooth Fairies" that come during the night and take the teeth that have fallen out. The children put their teeth under their pillows and the good fairy takes them and puts a small amount of money for the child to find.

In Spanish speaking countries, the tradition is different. It all began in 1894 in Spain, when the King's small son lost his first tooth. The King wanted to celebrate this great day, and put the Priest Luis Coloma to write a story about how his son lost his tooth. The Priest created a story with a character called Ratoncito Perez (which means Perez the little mouse). The sorty of the mouse fairy take the children's teeth stayed throughout the years, and is a very popular story among young children.The story is used in different ways with various ways of coaxing little Perez, who is known as the Magic Mouse. In Argentina for example, traditions says that the tooth is placed in a glass of water as Perez is thirsty when he arrives and needs a glass of water to quench his thirst!

tooth worms

 9. Worms- are reponsible for toothache!

Toothache is one of the most painful experiences in a human's life. Today, when the patient visits the dentist they will find the correct treatment for dealing with their problems. In the past, however, without the correct knowledge numerous people believed that toothacheis caused by mircoscopic worms that make holes in the teeth. To vanquish them there were several complicated methods such as the use of seeds and wax. Other medical ideas of the time believed that the patient should scrap at the tooth with the pain with a nail and then hammer the nail into a wooden beam.The "experts" of the time believed that with this treatment the tooth with the ache would never bother them again.

tooth blindness

10.A tooth to save blindness! 

A 60 year old lady in the State of Mississippi, Sharon Thornton had been blind for over a decade due to Stevens-Johnson syndrome that cause damage to the eye's cornea. Sharon found her sight again because of a canine that was implanted into her eye. Specialists at the Βascom Ρalmer Ophthalmology Institute, that belongs to the Miami University, removed a canine from the patient that was then used as a base for the placement of a microscopic prosthetic lens.The doctors opened up a small hole in the tooth to place the lens. The tooth with the lens was then placed into the patient's cheek for two months before being placed in her eye. According to the eye surgeon this approach was designed for those patients whose immune system rejects artifical corneas or cornea transplants

* with information from listverse.com.


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