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το παιδι με 232 δοντια

The Child with 232 Teeth


A while ago, the family of the 17 year old Indian boy Ashik Gavai noticed a swelling on the right side of the lower jaw of the child. they immediately visited a local doctor who was unable to identify the problem. The parents feared it may be some kind of cancer and went to Bombay to see other doctors.

The condition the doctors diagnosed is known as odontoma. The odontoma is a benign tumour that shows during childhood, usually in the upper jaw. There presence is not life threatening and is usually discovered when there is a delay in the showing of a permanent tooth or through some kind of swelling in the jaw, as with the case of the young Indian boy. The odontoma is made up of tissues that cause tooth development, and for this reason look like teeth.

" The most teeth that have ever been removed from this type of tumour were 25", said Dr Sunanda  Dhiware, the head of the dentistry clinic of the hospital. "In the case of Ashiq, however, we removed more than 232 teeth!!".

guiness record for teeth

The medical team that took on the surgery, said that it was very difficult, because the tumour had not developed smoothly and some teeth were very difficult to removed, and they called the surgery a miracle.

The second surgeon Dr. Vandana Thorawade, emphasized that the doctors tried to remove every single piece of tooth, doing their very best, but insist there is a chance something has been left. "If this has infact happened, then there is every chance the tumour will grow back and therefore we must be careful" said Dr.Thorawade.

The hopsital and more precisely the dentistry department decided to make Ashiq Gavai's case known to the Guinness World Record, as without a doubt the young man has the record of the human who has removed the most teeth from his mouth!


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