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First Aid for Dental Injuries during Sporting Activities


Stamataki Vassilliki, DDS / Athletic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dental Surgery
Kountouriotou 149-151, Peiraias Centre Dimotiko Theatro / 2104120029 / stamataki@vsmile.gr


Source:  www.sportsdentistryhellas.gr      


tooth injury

If the tooth has completely gone from the mouth (complete tooth loss), then:


1. It is important to find the tooth and hold it from the wide section (crown) and not by the root. Do not brush of scrape the tooth. 

2. If the tooth is dirty you can wash it off with water, but do not rub or touch the root. Don't let the tooth dry  

3. If the patient is alright and conscious, put the tooth straight back int he mouth (in the first 5-10 minutes), and stablelise it by asking the patient to softly bite on a hankerchief, gauze or towel.

4. If the tooth cannot be placed back in the mouth:       

  • 1st best option: place the tooth in a speciliased solution to keep it in good condition (e.g. Hanks Solution)
  • 2nd best option: place the tooth in milk or saline solution
  • 3rd best option: place the tooth under to athlete's tongue or between the teeth and cheek, but only if the athlete is awake and not seriously hurt. Alternatively ask the patient to spit into a cup and place the tooth inside the cup until you can get to the dentist. 

 5. Time is previous. If the tooth can be placed back in th mouth within 30 minutes it has a much higher chance of success. Go to your dentist immediately.

N.B.! If it is a milk tooth don't put it back in place


damage to tooth

1. If the tooth has moved a little from it's correct position and is dangling (partial) loss: 

  • Put the tooth back in place pressing with your fingers
  • Stabilize the tooth by asking the patient to bite lightly on a towel or hankerchief    
  • Take the athlete straight to the dentist


tooth moved from hit

2.If the tooth has turned (sideways movement) or if it looks like it have moved backwards or forwards, then: 


  • Try to put the tooth back in place using pressure from the fingers. If there is resistance from the tooth, don't insist. Go straight to the dentist.  
  • If the tooth needs to be put back into it's position using local anesthetic then it needs to be stabilized by asking the athlete to bite lightly on a hankerchief or towel
  • Take the athlete to a dentist immediately

 submerged tooth

3.If the toothhas sunk into the chamber in the gum, and looks shorter than the adjacent teeth (submersion)

  • Don't do anything, avoid trying to put the tooth back into it's original position.
  • take the athlete to the dentist immediately


broken tooth


  • Try to find the broken piece of the tooth and take it with you to the dentist, keeping it in one of the fluids as described above (transportation of tooth that has come out of the mouth). Stabilize the damaged tooth by asking the patient bite lightly on a hankerchief or towel to control any bleeding
  • If the athlete is in a lot of pain, they must make sure that the tooth dones't touch another tooth, air or the tongue. It is possible that the nerve has be exposed and this causes a lot of pain. You can give the patient a painkiller
  • Take the athlete and the broken piece of tooth to the dentist immediately


A specialized sport mouthguard should be a basic component of the athlete's equipment! 


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Stamataki Vassiliki, DDS / Dental Surgeon Piraeus Dentistry Association
Kountouriotou 149-151, Peiraias Centre Dimotiko Theatro / 2104120029 / stamataki@vsmile.gr

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