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Orthodontics / Ten Tips

...for those ungoing orthondontic therapy!


For a successful orthodontic treatment, requires the correct cooperation between the orthodontist, dentist, patient and the parents of the patient if the patient is a small child.

The following tips are suggested by the dentist and orthdontist of the Piraeus VSmile clinic, and are aimed at helping those who have orthondtal devices to finish the therapy in the timeframe and with success:

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1. Orthodontic devices often maintain food and plaque that leads to gum disease, caries and permanent discolourisation of the teeth. None of which will happen if the patient keeps up with excellent daily oral hygiene routines:

  • careful rushing morning, noon and night, espcially around the brace 
  • interdental cleaning with floos or a interdental brush in the way the dentist has showed you, at least once a day
  • daily cleaning of the tongue with a toothbrush or special tongue cleaner
  • use of mouthwash if it has been advised by the dentist/orthodontist
hard food

2. Some hard foods like apples, nuts, crunchy bread etc. may cause damage or unstick the orthodontic devices. If you canoot avoid them, cut the food into small bite size pieces and chew with the back teeth. Sticky foods like chewing gum, marshmallows, turkish delight, raisins etc will stick in the brace and are best to be avoided during the course of the therapy. 

balanced diet

3. A balanced diet will ensure that the correct nutrients for the bones and tissues to make the changes during the orthodontic therapy are necessary especially for kids.
Add more fruit, vegetables, daily products to your daily diet and reduce sweets, fast food and fizzy drinks.


4. Small irritations are normal at the start of the treatment and will quickly go away. If the brace cause irritation of unsticks. cover it with the relief gel that the orthodontist has given you and contact the dentist/orthodontist. The lips, tongue and cheeks will soon adapt to the therapy without any problems.

athletic guards

5. Wearing a brace does not prevent you from taking part in your favourite activities and sports. The dentist will make a specifically designed protective mouthguard that covers the teeth and gums completely greatly reducing the chance of injury. 


6. Don't forget your regular dental visits. regular oral check-ups, cleaning and flourosis, in the timeframe given to you by your dentist are completely necessary. They help both with oral hygiene and the success of the therapy. The aim is to both straighten the teeth and keep the mouth healthy.


7. Be prompt with your visits to the orthodontist. The movements of the teeth and the progress of the therapy need to be done in at the correct time.

emergency dentist contact

8. For any questions or problems you have with your therapy do not hesitate to contact your orthodontist. Advice from third parties even if they have untaken the same therapy will likely cause problems. 

invisible dentistry

9. Don't liken the time you need to complete your therapy with the timeframe others needed. Every case is different and no body is the same!

ορθοντιατρος πασαλιμανι

10. Don't forget:

The success of the orthodontic therapy.... is up to you!!!


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