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you can find a solution if you find the reason!


The dental team at the Piraeus VSmile clinic, suggest various general rules for dealing with halitosis (bad breath), that can be applied to everyone. A visit to the dentist however, is what is needed to find the basic problem behind the halitosis, as the reasonc an be different for each patients, and therefore needs to be dealt with in a different way e.g. if bad breath is due to peridontisis then it will not leave until this has been cured.


oral hygiene1. Maintain good oral hygiene:  clean you teeth properly every morning and night, and clean inbetween the teeth with floss or an interdental brush. Also remember to clean the surface of the tongue.
dental check-up2. Have regular dental check-ups and cleaning:  at the intervals suggested by the dentist, visit your dentist to keep good oral hygiene (usually every 6 months)
dry mouth

3. Stimulate saliva and the saliva glands in the following ways, saliva dissolves the odours:

  • drink a lot of water, especially during times of stress, pregnancy and during exercise
  • use specialised moisturing agents in the mouth and nasal passages in dry weather (e.g. natural saline sprays)
  • avoid acidiv and sweetened foods - prefer apples, carrots and celery that increase salivation
  • avoid excessive consumption of coffee, cigarettes and alcohol - prefer green tea
  • avoid using mouthwashes with high levels of spirits that can cause dryness in the mouth - prefer those that are oxygenated that prevent to growth of microbes
  • chew gum, espcially Chios Mastixa, the benefits are more from the salivation not the smell.
milk during pregnancy4. Avoid food with strong smells:  onion, garlic, cumin, milk - they stay in the blood for a long time and can create or worsen halitosis
tooth pain5. Fight against bacteria with probiotics: in accordance with the latest studies in Sweden, halitosis levels lower with the daily use of the probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri Prodentis, that are available from pharmacy in the form of pastilles. The suggested does is one pastille a day, to fight the bacteria that are knwon for causing halitosis.
pasalimani dentist6. Lower stress and smile more often!



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